OmniBI empowers Data-Driven marketers. But, why is being Data-Driven important?

Unsure how OmniBI can help your brand through a data-driven digital strategy?

Whether you know exactly what your business needs to grow, or you’re looking for independent advice and guidance to formulate a comprehensive data-driven digital strategy, let us walk you through OmniBI’s capabilities!

OmniBI makes data simple
We often highlight the benefits a platform like OmniBI can bring to users in making data more easy to understand. It underpins a lot of our users’ data-driven digital marketing strategies. But, why is this important? In this Free Whitepaper, Wonderful (our parent agency) explore how data can be used as a fuel for business growth.

Whether embracing technology to deliver a digital marketing campaign or full digital transformation, data is the lifeblood, the vital ingredient in benchmarking the ‘old’, establishing position amongst peers; setting targets and KPIs; making important business decisions; and measuring future success. 

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“Nearly 36% of companies don’t use all the data they possess. 81% of European B2C brands could go extinct because they don’t create relevant content and can’t offer personalized discounts.

The statistics presented in our report are particularly relevant when you look at the make-up of businesses looking to scale this year. Whilst many offer innovative and unique products or services, there is strong competition in almost every case. When the competition is leveraging excellent segmentation and personalisation, this not only puts them at a strong advantage, but the businesses that don’t are at a huge disadvantage, as it fast becomes the norm of customer expectations.

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If you’ve already got OmniBI access, you already have a powerful asset for your data-driven journey; if you’re yet to try it, perhaps understanding just how powerful this can be will help launch you in the right direction.

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